Robert berger
We will hereby start scouring the net for people 
who say git is hard to understand and use, 
and just kill them. 
They clearly are just polluting the gene pool. 

 --Linus Torvalds

These are the notes through my adventure of converting some CVS repositories to git.

  • Admin task

create user on git server

create groups and add users to groups

cvs to git

read only access

ic_common cooking


  • Simple example

create new public repository

inital basic git config

create local repository and push it to public one

checkout repository

  • Standard workflow

checkout ic_common

find tag, branch, commit,...

checkout tag, branch, commit,...

modify local repository and create a patch



clean local repository




use git mv

tarball from repo

  • Synchronizing 2 repositories

sync 2 repo

  • Add changes to public repository


permanently delete stuff

  • exotic stuff

pretend to be someone else

  • git trees

git trees

  • Git tips

Git tips

  • Misc (ears)

Git for the Lazy

git cheat sheet git community book

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